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An ever-increasing amount of people is participating in astrology compatibility readings.  Those who are open-minded regarding the future and things that are not tangible to the public eye may be interested in websites that provide services that determine their future. These websites can also offer plenty of in-depth insight regarding astrology compatibility.

Bissaleh IanFor those who wish to learn more about romantic compatibility with potential and current partners, a psychic reader may be the person to provide the proper guidance.  They are often experts in their profession and are usually accurate when doing astrology compatibility readings.

But it is a good idea to be careful. There are websites that are not worth the time and effort that one wishes to invest in.  To learn more about astrology compatibility with a partner, it is vital to know which websites are valid and which websites are scams.

It is difficult to deny that there are psychics and astrology compatibility readers who can offer extensive insight and knowledge relating to the lives, futures, and compatibility quirks of their clients.

More and More Psychic Detectives

Furthermore, it is necessary to tune into the TV Series “Psychic Detectives” which airs on both the History and Discovery Channel.  This program allows viewers to understand the gifts that some people have in regards to psychic powers and knowledge.

Astrology CompatibilityThe individuals that are featured on “Psychic Detectives” are enlisted by various Police Departments in the United States for resolving difficult cases.

It is coming to light that the “psychic detectives” are a major reason for obtaining closure in the cases that have been extremely difficult for the police to solve on their own.

The above example of using psychics in the police force clarifies the validity of their power and insight.  There are many people in this world who are capable of reading between the lines and what lies within the future of others.  It is a good idea to take advantage of the knowledge that theses people have to offer.

It is also very important to understand how to differentiate fraudulent psychics from real ones.  The research provided in this article will help you in reducing the time that may be spent searching for trustworthy websites that feature legitimate astrology compatibility readers.  Here are some of the reputable websites:

Live PersonOur Top Rated Online Psychic & Astrology Service

There have been as many as 546 people located in your area that have had a free psychic reading taken from this website.

Overview:  There are a vast amount of services offered at Live Person.  Relationship advice, astrology compatibility readings, tarot card readings, horoscopes, and spiritual advice are some of the services that are provided.  Counseling, tips on making life and relationship improvements, and even technical support regarding computer issues are also significant features of Live Person

What We Think: We liked the feedback that customers of Live Person have provided.  Other websites do not allow their customers to provide feedback.  The comments from actual customers on the psychics who use helps in solidifying the authenticity of this particular website.

Live Person Psychic ReadingPositive feedback has also been provided by the Newsletter Readers of Live Person.

Furthermore, other subscribers have been eager to learn more about their astrology compatibility readings, as well as other relationship advice and counseling.  This was the primary reason for testing Live Person

There are many categories on Live Person from which one can choose.  A list of psychics along with their ratings will show up.  By clicking on the stars that indicate the overall rating, one can see a list of the customers that have been served combined with feedback that has been provided.  It is fantastic for confirming Live Person’s validity.

To delve further into the legitimacy of Live Person, phone calls were made to contact the psychics for advice on relationships and astrology compatibility readings.

The quality of the advice that was given leaned towards the specifics rather than the typical generalizations of other advice resources.  The information the psychics at Live Person provided was personal, genuine, and very helpful.

Making calls to Live Person is easy.  Undue pressure is not enforced.  The prices are generally inexpensive although this can vary due to one’s budget.

Our Final Judgment:  The service that Live Person provides is fantastic and the ease of use puts the website at the top of our list of favorites.  Free readings are given for the first three minutes.  This is perfect for those who are new to psychic readings.  It is also ideal for those who want quick and brief relationship advice or astrology compatibility readings.

Psychic Source – Our Second Most Popular Astrology & Psychic Source

Research indicates that over 300 people in your area only, have used the services offered by Psychic Source

Psychic SourceOverview:  Similar to LivePerson, Psychic Source provides a vast array of services that are not limited to astrology.

Other issues that people encounter in every day life are also a significant feature on Psychic Source.  These issues include:  legal problems, health ailments, and other problems that are in need of helpful advice.

What We Think: Due to the overabundance of topics, Psychic Source is a great website with good service.  However, it is not the best psychic website.  As with LivePerson, Psychic Source displays the feedback that customers provide as well as some background on those who offer advice.

Subtopics are located under the main topic.  To elaborate, the business topic contains career advisers as a subtopic.  The drawback to Psychic Source is that relationships, love, and astrology compatibility are its focal points.  Individuals who are seeking advice in other areas of life could possibly be disappointed with Psychic Source’s services.

Our Final Judgment:  Two distinct disadvantages work against Psychic Source in comparison to Live Person.  The first disadvantage is that the chat rooms are sub-par.  The second disadvantage is the price.  As an example, some of the advice providers charge $20 per minute.  In comparison to other websites, Psychic Source’s services are above average.

Live Psychic Reading 3 FREE Minutes

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Astrological Compatibility

Astrological Compatibility

Predict a Successful Relationship: Astrological Compatibility

If you believe that zodiac signs along with the alignment of heavenly bodies at the time you were born play a role in how compatible you are with a partner, you can rely on the fact that you are not alone.

The phrase star crossed lovers comes from those who believe that they are meant to be together based upon their birth signs and alignments. As a matter of fact, one of the most popular beliefs amongst people lies in astrology. This is why it is considered an actual field that is studied rather than a simple hobby.

It is interesting in that there is more than one kind of astrology. Sidereal astrology is the perfect example. This type of astrology is based upon the zodiac that is used by the Jytotish and Western astrologers rather than the tropical zodiac which is by far more commonly used. Sidereal astrology is based on the location of the earth and its place within the galaxy.

All about Sidereal Astrology

Sidereal astrology in terms of compatibility is based more on accurate mathematical calculations – more accurate than your typical compatibility chart. The reason why sidereal astrology is more accurate is because the existing heavenly bodies are actually calculated in terms of their exact locations within the skies.

Tropical zodiac compatibility charts do not include these exact mathematical computations which is why those who do follow compatibility charts seriously rely on sidereal astrology. Countries such as India and China take the scientific study of astrology very seriously. As a result, they tend to follow sidereal astrology beliefs rather than tropical zodiac astrology.

If you are wondering what a sidereal astrology chart of compatibility looks like it features the usual twelve zodiac signs. Mentioned in sidereal astrology is the Rising Sign and the Moon. Rarely will you see the sun placed in significant importance in terms of ideological compatibility. Tropical zodiacs, on the other hand, place extreme importance on the sun.

The major difference that can be seen in the sidereal astrological chart of compatibility is that there are different dates that correspond in terms of the zodiac signs.

Birthdates will differ between the zodiac signs which is why if you plan to get your zodiac sign read in terms of astrological compatibility, you should always seek out the help of a professional. This is especially true if you plan on having your astrological chart done to see who your best possible matches are.

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